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better choise between 270,30-06 and 7x64.

18 Mar 2012
@ 08:50 pm (GMT)

jacques van greunen

hi! all my friend badmouth the fact that i want to buy a 7x64 instead of a 270 or 30-06 like they have. can you please help with the better choise between the three? this is not easy and dont want to buy again!


21 Mar 2012
@ 10:06 am (GMT)

Matt Reid

Re: better choise between 270,30-06 and 7x64.
Hi there,

No expert on the specific calibres, but I imagine the first step would be discussing your intended usage? i.e max range, game (type/body weight) or maybe you are only wanting to target shoot?

Calibres all have strengths and weaknesses. Spend some time on this site in the knowledge base and you should be headed in the right direction.

22 Mar 2012
@ 02:50 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: better choise between 270,30-06 and 7x64.
Thank you Matt for answering Jacques question with pin point accuracy.

Jacques, as Matt indicated, there is no generic answer to your question. It is important to take game body weights and intended ranges into consideration as well as other factors such as the recoil limitations of the shooter and so forth. A 600 page book could be written on the .270 / .280 (and 7x64) / .30-06 trio alone.

The 7x64 is an excellent choice for light to medium sized deer species while being adequate for many heavy bodied game species with care towards shot placement and bullet choice. The 7x64 is useful out to very long ranges. Quite simply, the 7x64 is versatile and effective without excessive recoil.
24 Mar 2012
@ 10:52 pm (GMT)

jacques van greunen

Re: better choise between 270,30-06 and 7x64.
[b]HI! thanks for the reply. I usually shoot small game like Skringbuck(14kg-20kg) bushpig(60kg-90gk),kudu(130kg-170kg). i can hold my own with regards to the recoil due to millatary training. we usually shoot a distance between 100m and 300m. thanks for the help!


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