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Re: Brass preparation for LRHunting (and DIES selection)

01 Nov 2014
@ 07:03 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Hi all;

Old thread, but i´m going slow, step by step.

Someone have noticed I have had many problems with my sendero. Things start to go well, but you can´t relax too much!

The other day i was reloading some rounds. During F-L process, i get a bit distracted, and a case mouth traps the decapping needle, bending the threaded rod (hornady die: it has a threaded rod where you screw the expander and the decapping needle). I just raise the handle and start again, after checking the case mouth. I didn´t noticed that the expander now was bended. After each sizing, when I expand and extract the case, the whole case neck becomes bended.

I realized the problem when a loaded round roll over the bench... I get atonished as I can see a VERY BIG runout, not with a measuring tool, just with my nacked eye. I was loading for a competition, out of home. I straighten the rod as best as i can with polygrips, resized the cases and selected the ones with less runout. The competition went bad, accuracy wanes -obviously!-.

Will this problem be solved just resizing the case? Neck sizing will be enough, or F-L is a better fix? Will be any noticiable difference between the "straight" cases and the ones that have been bended?

Thanks for your help!


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