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308 projectiles

28 Oct 2014
@ 04:44 am (GMT)

Jaspur McDonald

im looking at reloading a cartridge for my 308 but cant decide on what projectile to load my goal is to be able to confidently nock deer and tahr over at ranges between 10m and 500m is there a projectile suited for ample accuracy and nock down power over these ranges? I shoot a Remington 700 sps fitted with an hs precision stock and a leupold vx3 3.5-10 the rifle has a 1-10 twist is there a certain size projectile I should be looking at as well? any advice much appreciated thank you


28 Oct 2014
@ 08:42 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: 308 projectiles
Hi Jaspur, under Nathans direction I have had great success using Hornady 165 SST's and the 168 AMAX with my SPS Tactical. The SST is a bit more solid so works well at the closer ranges, and the AMAX is is softer and more frangible at lower velocities which makes them suited for the longer range stuff. The SST is probably the more forgiving in regards to shot placement. They will lose effectiveness at lower velocities, but should be good out to 500. (?)
Here's what Nathan advised me to do with my load development - in my own words:
H4895/IMR4895/AR2206H in my 20" remington 700 SPS Tactical. My current load is 44.5 of AR2206h/H4895 under the 168AMAX - the 165 SST can be duplicated for this load.
Also read the Cartridge over all length article of Nathan's - read the whole thing.


if you plan to give this a go, start under the max of 43.5 and work up in .5 grain increments. Maybe start at 42.5? KEEPING CLOSE EYE ON PRESSURE SIGNS as you progress. Here is an excellent article on what to look for.
28 Oct 2014
@ 02:56 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 308 projectiles
Thanks Mike. Hi Jaspur, could you please look into those two projectiles, the powder and the COAL article suggested.

I would like to see your start load at about 42 grains though. A few rifles show great accuracy with a lower charge so best to start here and not miss any sweet spots.

I believe your scope may need changing if it is not dial capable or correctly calibrated. Suggest Sightron SIII with proper dial capable turrets. Should cost you very little to change over.


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