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Re: concentricity tool

10 Oct 2014
@ 06:06 pm (GMT)

Rob Hughes-Games

get a piece of guage plate.(ground plate). 4 ball bearings around 1cm and a bolt (5cm) and 2 nuts. drill 4 holes in the plate so the ball bearings are almost touching. solder or epoxy them in to the holes. drill a hole between them at the end for the bolt. either drill and tap it or but a nut on each side of the plate. that bolt will be the backstop for the case. ideally the bolt is non threaded where the case rubs and is square. then either make a stand for the DTI or use a magnetic stand.
I dont think it matters if the DTI is accurate or what it measures in. it just has to be fine/sensitive enough. you are juat looking for movement when you rotate the case. no movement, no run out!


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