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Canadian's are coming to NZ

03 Feb 2012
@ 06:04 pm (GMT)


HI all, well after hooking up with Nathan after stumbling on to the site a year ago we ( the wife and I ) are taking the plunge! Flying to NZ March 2nd to do some hunting/vacationing. We have never hunted outside of British Columbia, Canada so this is all very new. We are going to be heading to Nathan's and then off to the southern Kaimanawas.

I will be shooting a 300 WM with 208 Amax's and Hazel her trusty 300 WSM (see 30cal wounds in the data base) with 165 SST

So the questions I have are:

What kind of altitude/temps can I expect shots at on the South island in mid March? We hunt at home from 1000m to 2500m and temp range from -15C to +25C during our hunting season.

Any tips for shot placement and our bullet selection on Tahr? Wondering if our Rocky Mt Goats might be similar as they are tough as nails and tend to soak up lead and then leap off a cliff making life very interesting.

We are still trying to get our head around hunting access, would sure be nice to hook up with a local that could point us in the right direction.

Well thanks to everyone, sure learned a lot from all the posts!

Aj & Hazel.


05 Feb 2012
@ 01:37 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Canadian's are coming to NZ
Same altitudes and temp ranges for the South Island AJ.

Central North Island will range from 900 to 1150 metres where you are going. The highest peaks are 1400 metres but you won't be traversing these areas (Umekerikeri range).

On our block, it ranges from around 200-600 metres/meters.
05 Feb 2012
@ 03:20 pm (GMT)


Re: Canadian's are coming to NZ
Thanks Nathan for the reply, I will have to start printing up some new charts, I don't think I have fired a shot under 800m in a lot of years, so if I chart sea level and ever 500m after to 2000 we should be good.

Thanks, Aj.



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