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setting up 7mmMag Sendero

09 Jan 2012
@ 09:24 am (GMT)

Nick Coyne

Has any one got experience in setting up a 7mm magnum Remington sendero? I have recently purchased this model and presently researching the add ons and what goes down the barrel
I am intersted in
1)scope and mounting systems that others have found satisfactory
2)Projectiles and powders that are the most accurate when handloading for this rifle

I note there is enough energy in the projectile to make kills out to 1000yards so guess any combination of scope /rifle needs to have that capacity. However the most common range would be 300-800 yards

Be good to learn from other peoples experiences


10 Jan 2012
@ 10:03 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: setting up 7mmMag Sendero
Hi Nick, I trick up Sendero's on a month to month basis.

Of the new models, the best upgrade is a Timney trigger unless you are lucky enough to have an X-Pro which can make it down to 1.5lb without any problems. I generally bed the Sendero's for optimum accuracy as described in our bedding tutorial video but you can leave the sendero un-bedded if you prefer.

For mounts, I generally use either a Warne canted base and Leupold rings (or what rings take your fancy) or I use a Weaver base and Burris Zee rings with canted inserts. Either mount system is fine.

For powder, I generally use H1000 in the Sendero's, finding sweet spots between 71-73.5 grains behind 160-162 grain bullets depending on the individual bore. Hornady brass is the best value for money/quality at the moment. I generally use a Federal 210 standard primer.

My preferred long range optics brands are either Sightron or Nightforce. Budget and all up rifle weight are the two considerations here.

Bullet choice depends on the game body weights you are hunting, combined with game weights. Please go to youtube and have a look at a seminar I presented on this subject in New Zealand. The channel is reloadersNZ, the subject is long range hunting. The audio is muffled as it is a handicam recording so you may have to use earphones or external speakers. It is worth looking at the seminar if you get a chance as it can save you a lot of head aches, fast tracking success.

Hope that helps for a start.
10 Jan 2012
@ 01:54 pm (GMT)

Nick Coyne

Re: setting up 7mmMag Sendero
Thanks Nathan ,
will let you know how it goes
21 Jan 2012
@ 10:46 am (GMT)

jason brown

Re: setting up 7mmMag Sendero
hey nathan. i thought id add on to this with a question instead of going through email. so everyone can use the info.
iv said to you id like to try the sightron 6.5-20x50 . i was wondering when you say canted base or rings, they seem to be rated by moa. i think 5,10,15,20 ect.
which is the one to go with, with the scope i mentioned. i know nothing of the canting. but have a vauge idea of why.
23 Jan 2012
@ 03:48 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: setting up 7mmMag Sendero
Hi Jason, canting optics is used a means to ensure that the scope has plenty of up travel in the elevation turrets. Otherwise, in many instances, the scope runs out of elevation well before the cartridge runs out of steam. This is seen most in the .308 Win which has a very steep trajectory, dropping several yards before reaching 1000 yards.

With the Sendero 7mm Rem Mag, a 10 degree / 10 MOA cant is fine. This will tilt the front of the scope down meaning that to obtain your normal zero, you will be working at the bottom of your scope elevation windings. This will give you a huge amount of elevation to play with, getting you out beyond 1200 yards with ease.

The 20 degree cant is often fine but occasionally, just once in a while, if the rifle receiver is finished unevenly at the factory or due to individual barrel whip, it can be a bit too much cant. The elevation clicks bottom out before you have got the rifle to shoot dead on at 100 yards. Instead, the rifle is for example, shooting 6" high at 100 yards, unable to come down any further.

The Burris system is great in that with your rings, comes a selection of canted acetyl (plastic) inserts, allowing the user to obtain exactly the right cant, allows you to get right down without bottoming out. Better still, the inserts are ball jointed, alleviating not only vertical misalignment stress, but also alleviating horizontal stress. The inserts are tough, the fit is strong over the years yet never marring the scope body. Can't really ask for more than that. The Burris Zee canted rings can be used with either a weaver one piece base or two piece bases.

A one piece canted base has the tilt pre-set into it. These bases are usually set at 20 degrees. If the tilt is too severe and the scope bottoms out, as it did on my .308 Tactical (a common occurrence with the .308Win), brass shims have to be used to bring the base up a touch.

Bases should always be epoxied in place to eliminate vibrations which if evident, will eventually loosen the screws. With shimmed bases, the epoxy should be applied to both sides of the shim, resulting in a rock solid mount.

.308Win Tactical with Warne 20 degree canted base shimmed, Leupold rings:

SPS rfle with Weaver base (non canted) and Zee rings with canted inserts along with Sightron SII 6.5-20x50 Big Sky.

23 Jan 2012
@ 09:56 pm (GMT)

jason brown

Re: setting up 7mmMag Sendero
thanks, a good explaniation for a learner.
15 Jul 2012
@ 02:26 pm (GMT)

jason brown

Re: setting up 7mmMag Sendero
how many rounds would you expect from one of these barrels in this calibre?
its my understanding firing many shots in a row heats the barrel and shortens its life quicker, can you recomend a max number of shots before letting it cool?

17 Jul 2012
@ 10:06 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: setting up 7mmMag Sendero
Barrel life approximately 1200 rounds. Options after this are to turn the barrel in and rechamber, rechamber to 7mm Practical or rebarrel entirely.

I still prefer to limit strings to 3 shots but the Sendero will handle up to 6 shots in a row without excessive wear apart from the RUM's which generate much more heat than traditional magnums.


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