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Re: .223

21 Dec 2011
@ 04:37 pm (GMT)

tim Kollat

Im just going to stick with 300 win mag. The 30-06 is my dads that he gave me a long time ago and I think Im going to fix it up nice and give it back.
I know this thread started as a .223 thread, so Ill ask one more thing:
Nathan, Ive read from many sources that the spin of the 55 grain fmj has no effect on yaw and does not stabilize it so much that it wont yaw and frag on impact. Your writings that the slower twists that just stabilize it enough in flight but yaw and fragment on impact sound more sensible.
Im just trying to decide if buying an upper for my ar-15 with a 1-14 or 1-12 twist for that bullet is justified.
I guess even then I could shoot the light 223's like the 35 and 40 grainers


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