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Re: Nathans new book, your thoughts!

26 Jun 2014
@ 01:43 am (GMT)

Gavin Chau

bit of a thread revival but having read this (second) book once as soon as it came out, I was very impressed but maybe didnt have enough knowledge to get the most out of it other than simply following the instructions - I recently re-read it (and the first book) as a friend of mine is looking to buy a new LR rifle

I know Nathan isnt really into theoretical stuff (and probably say its bullshit!!) but I started to run a lot of the accuracy load data through quickload and compare it against the optimal barrel time method for finding nodes. a technique that I found works well -at least for the 4 rifles I've tried it in.

The most impressive thing was that nearly all the load data (velocity nodes) that I came across comes damn close or is spot on with the OBT predictions! All I can say is that it must have taken a hell of a lot of load development/ field testing experience to arrive there for so many different calibres!!

all I can say is that I have a new appreciation for the mountain of actual field work that has been distilled into a concise LR manual!!


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