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Re: Brass preparation for LRHunting (and DIES selection)

09 May 2014
@ 09:34 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Thanks all;

Bob, now I have to use the hornady dies, until i can aford another. Probably, my next tool will be a forster neck turning tool (K&M seem to be nice, but as I have the forster trimmer, this can save me a lot of time).

Nathan, thanks for the info. As you stated in the firsts responses to this thread, runout sometimes can help nothing (except telling you something is wrong), so for now i will wait for the concentriity gauge (will be happy when i get one!).

Sorry to say, but this time I think you didn´t realized the "big question" (i´m sure that it was my fault, because sometimes I explain myself like "Sitting bull". Really need to improve my english!).

I can explain myself better with an example:

Imagine that i have 50 WW cases: 10 are from a factory box of a friend, another 20 picked up from a shooting range during two years (one case each time i go to the range), 10 oldy and rusty cases founded in grandpa´s haystack and the last twenty from a factory box purchasing to breaking the barrel in. All 50 are WW cases, but i´m sure there will be differences.

So, can I go on using those cases, or just bought 50 or 100 brand new unfired cases (same production batch).

Maybe if those 50 mixed cases where Norma can make a difference?

Hope I have explained myself better, sorry for the annoyances...



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