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Best bullet for 270win

09 Nov 2011
@ 10:53 am (GMT)

Lee Minhinnick

Hi Nathan

Tryed some handloads in the new remington and it grouped 45mm to 65mm with all the handloads so a bedding job is needed. Action may need to be blue printed etc. I was wondering what was the best long range bullet that you have found for the 270 winchester say out to 600 yards on light game. (Goats, fellow deer, pigs) From reading your info on the 270 win Hornadys 150 sst looks like a good start. There are alot of things I need to get right with the rifle and my handloads as Ive seen with my groups at the range. Because Hornady don't make a A-max bullet for the 270 your input would be helpful as nomal. Mark and I are hoping to see you guys soon.


14 Nov 2011
@ 10:35 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Best bullet for 270win
Hi Lee, sorry for the late reply.

Yes, of the currently available projectiles, the 150 grain SST is the most emphatic long range medium game killer hands down.

Your M700 Laminate left hand SS will need to be thoroughly worked over. The bore needs to be studied to see if it needs conditioning/lapping including the decision on whether it needs to be started over with abrasive fire lapping I make my own firelapping projectiles so next time you come down to Taranaki for a visit, we can go through this and make up some lapping projectiles if need be.

Yes, the bedding will definitely need to be addressed as well as the trigger.

As for hand loads, it depends on the throat length as to which powder is best. The .270 rifles tend to vary a great deal from year to year. Very long throated rifles work well with ADI2213sc powder, otherwise ADI2209 is the most versatile. Occasionally (primariliy Browning brand) a rifle will have a short throat and reach very high pressures with start loads. Apart from these instances, it is not unusual to find the best combination of accuracy versus velocity at charge rates somewhere between 54 and 55 grains of 2209 (H4350) which, if you check the manual, is way above the listed maximums. ADI (and Hodgdon as a customer of ADI) have to keep charge rates low due to minimum dimension chambers- and these rifles do occur and do produce severe pressures with start loads. So it is very important to obtain an understanding of the chamber and throat dimensions before exploring potential velocities etc.

The goal for your rifle will be to drive the 150 grain SST at around 2920fps. This will prove very effective out to a range of around 650 yards. With practice, you may be able to push ranges out to 800 -900 yards but it will depend on just how accurate the rifle is, how much field experience you can gain (field technique and wind reading) and finally- optics.

The group sizes you mention are about normal for an M700 in the raw. Don't worry about it too much, you have an ideal platform to start out with.
17 Dec 2011
@ 12:39 pm (GMT)

Craig Davis

Re: Best bullet for 270win
I am using 140 nosler ballistic tips in my .270wsm. The gun is a factory Tikkat3, using 61 gr of r19,Winchester brass,fed 215 mag primers,I am getting 2 inch groups at 400 yrds.( Sorry for the American measurement, ) I am going to re-barrel it this winter, also have a new stock built. Glass is a Vortex 6x24x50 MOA. I really like the Noslers, but I am looking at Matrix bullit after the build. they make a 165 and a 175 in .277 and they have a B.C. of .7+. Hope that helps !
22 Jan 2012
@ 11:54 am (GMT)

Lee Minhinnick

Re: Best bullet for 270win
Hi Craig. Looked at the there web site and Nathan and I are hopeing that they open well on game animals well. There is no importer for matrix bullets in New Zealand yet so will look into this. Let us know if you get a chance to test them yourself.


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