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Re: mountain gun

17 Jan 2014
@ 03:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Bob, Steph read this thread this morning and said to me, "in your attempt to help Mike and steer him away from ballistics waffle, you have posted your own waffle". She is of course correct. How ironic. My apologies to all. I do take helping hunters quite seriously at times, too seriously in this instance. Thanks Bob- although why a Queenslander is posting in a Mountain rifle thread I do not know. Another irony.

The .300 Win Mag is certainly ideal but sometimes folk want to get away from the magnums and run something a bit cheaper, a bit less recoil, a bit more user friendly if hunting 50/50 bush / tops. I was wondering if that was where Mike was heading with the .280 cartridge size.

One of the simplest .300 Win Mag configurations is a straight M700 action, mid weight barrel contour finished at .650" muzzle diameter at 26", HS pro Varmint stock which is neither slim nor as wide as the current Sendero stock. Recoil is rather stout but manageable due to to the stock design. Ample power for general hunting of light through to large bodied game. The .308 Norma / .300 FBI can also be added to the list here.

Faulkner pretty much summerized options with his post but I was hoping Mike would answer my questions to him because with these answers I could provide more relevant info. One of the harsh realities of mountain hunting is that sometimes, although we may be able to spot game at ranges of up to 2000 yards, the actual retrieval of animals shot at ranges of 1000 yards and beyond can at times be highly problematic. A hunter may find after a time, that the country is so steep and difficult to traverse that shots are best taken out to ranges of around 700 yards and up to around 900 yards at a push.

Bloody Queenslanders.


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