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rifle stock + rest impinging accuracy?

10 Dec 2022
@ 07:40 pm (GMT)

Robert Cameron

Hi y'all,
Yes, i have the books and love them.
Im a hunter and use a Sauer 30-06, the forestock has a schnabel and the stock has a quick release sling stud. Both of these parts by design protrude vertically more than other typical/simple designs. When bench shooting for zero and load development I use a combination of sandbags front and rear, tack driver sometimes, just like Nathan recommends. Ive often wondered this - Could the schnabel (front rest) and or the large sling stud (rear bag) 'catch' on the bag during recoil affecting accuracy? Should one ensure there is enough room longitudionally or vertically between the schnabel and the bag so as to not impinge during recoil? Could it cause a flyer if I took a shot with the schnabel somewhat buried into the front bag, as an extreme?
Thanks and merry Christmas.


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