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New 308 Load

09 Dec 2022
@ 01:16 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

G'day team,

Long time, no posts!

I'm meaning to do up a load for closer/heavier scrub.

My current 308 is sending the 168gr Z-Max (A-Max in green rather than red). I've got 48gr of AR2208 launching the projectiles at 2810fps (avg, ES 11fps over 15 rounds), great accuracy, sub calibre.

But it is a screamer!

I bought some Winchester factory loads and with some research found they had 180gr Woodleigh Protected Points. Very happy with their performance.

Has anyone got any advice on starting points? I know they are heavier but I think slowing the load down to 2400-2600 fps to help it cut through brush but still deliver massive trauma.

I'm open to AR2206H but truth be told having 1 type of powder would be preferable.

Thanks team!


10 Dec 2022
@ 08:58 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: New 308 Load
Hi Andrew, if you want to, you could try running a 200gr at around 2475 to 2500fps (yours has a good barrel length). Your 2208 will be fine. Select bullet construction based on game weights as per usual.
11 Dec 2022
@ 09:44 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: New 308 Load
Cheers Nathan,

I've moved to an area with more pigs and more deer. Plenty of roos but the farmer/land I have access too likes to keep them around, a nice change. They are particularly "woolly" for roos so I may take some skins if I can.

All the same, a dual load is long over due. I'll post photos of load dev and accuracy here for posterity and interest for anyone in the future.


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