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Plugging Manson Precision

27 Aug 2022
@ 05:10 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

My understanding is that Manson Precision (manufacturer of the Foster Manson Reamers) is under new ownership. I just want to share my recent experience for the sake of anyone who might have any hesitation about doing business with them based on the change. I called the company after having sent an initial email inquiry and explained exactly what I was after. Blake, the gentleman on the phone, knew what I was talking about from my earlier email. Placing the order was simple. I added a gauge after placing the order and that was simple as well. I was told that the item was not in stock but they had Nathan's specs and would make precisely what I wanted. I expected it to be a three to four month wait. The item was delivered in ten days. Count me as a satisfied customer.


27 Aug 2022
@ 07:46 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Plugging Manson Precision
Hi Joshua, thanks for your kind words.

Yes, Dave and Ann had been wanting to retire for some time (they are in their 70's now so its well deserved). When looking for a buyer, Dave and Ann wanted to make sure that whoever purchased the business would first and foremost, take good care of their staff. Besides expertise within the staff group, they had all worked together so long that they had become like family. Dave said that it took considerable time to find a buyer which he considered the right fit.

Dave will continue to work one or two days per week for the next year to ensure the smoothest possible transition. Ann has also been working, but is due for a much needed rest following the 50-60 hour weeks of the past few years.

Regarding the reamers Dave and I worked on, the 7mm Practical was being made in production runs but I am not sure if this is still the case. The entire set is otherwise on file with Manson reamers - Foster Manson 2021 file folder. I have no financial stake in any of this. If you recall, Dave and Ann sponsored us by hosting us in Las Vegas (SHOT show) in 2017. Dave wanted to do this as he believed that we were an asset to the shooting industry. I pushed for the idea of the FMR reamers some time later. I guess it was my way of trying to pay him back for his kindness but I also very much wanted to try to optimize the reamers for the sake of the shooters and gunsmiths.

.264 Win Mag FMR 2021
.280 Rem FMR 2021
.280 AI FMR 2021
7mm Rem Mag FMR 2021
7mm Practical 2021
.30-06 FMR 2021
.30-06 AI FMR 2021
.300 Win Mag FMR 2021

Thanks for posting this feedback Joshua.
09 Sep 2022
@ 04:25 am (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: Plugging Manson Precision
I also would like to kudo-fy Manson Reamers. I have had numerous discussions with Dave and his elves with great respect and great satisfaction. They have been quick to call whenever they’ve had any question of what I want from the reamers I have ordered.

That attitude and level of service has continued since Dave has “retired”.

While I’m at it, I want to praise and plug ScoreHi Gunsmithing ( ).

When I started on my first 7mm Practical build I called Manson Reamers and talked with Dave about the reamer and practicalities of the build. Dave said, “But you’re in Albuquerque? But that’s where Charlie Robertson is, he’s one of the very best in the country! Just take the reamer and rifle over to ScoreHi. You’re lucky.”

And of course that has been consistently true.

Many builds later, Dave Manson and Charlie Robertson have transformed my dabbling into a full-blown addiction.
11 Sep 2022
@ 12:13 pm (GMT)

Rob Bird

Re: Plugging Manson Precision
7mm Practical is next for me on a Remington 700 platform. Prob sendero profile barrel. Guess I should get that reamer ordered just in case!


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.