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Nosering by David Tubbs

22 Aug 2022
@ 03:07 pm (GMT)

Brandon Maxwell

Hi there you all. I hope everyone is getting by. I am pushing the limits again, and I found a product and rushed over here to see if there has been any discussion and couldn't find any. I searches for several different search terms so please forgive me if this is an already run. I remember back, videos of Nathan annealing bullets to increase their frangibility upon impact at lower velocities. Essentially fixing inadequate bullets for the task. Now we have the ELDM which is great....but maybe the door has been reopened for the 190 Bergers and maybe we can improve the performance with even a fantastic bullet like the 180 ELDM. Tubbs came out with a product that is designed to smooth out the drag performance reducing spreads in drag from shot to shot. A side benefit with little effect to the drag performance of the bullet is to increase the lethality. Well I will be ordering one soon but I would like to know if anyone else has monkeyed around with the system yet. Keep'em centered and may you be blessed with single digit SD and ES. For reference I am running the 7mm Practical. Horrible getting H1000 and Retumbo though =(


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