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195 gr TMK in 30-06

12 May 2022
@ 12:47 pm (GMT)

Ramon Palmer

I was encouraged by Nathan a while ago to try this projectile in my Bergara B14 and thought i'd share my initial data here. I loaded up 10 rounds at 20 thou jump using AR2213SC to find a velocity node.

59.6 = 2671
59.9 = 2699
60.2 = 2704
60.5 = 2726
60.8 = 2732
61.1 = 2710
61.4 = 2704
61.7 = 2754
62.0 = 2737

I'm aware that the velocity goes up and down a bit, perhaps this is due to inconsistent powder metering. I ended up settling on 60.7 grains as it seemed to be a stable spot

My question to those who have experimented with this projectile is to do with seating depth. I was planning on starting at 20 thou and increasing the jump by 5 thou for each group. Perhaps it would be worth loading up a group at 10 and 15 thou jump as well?

Any input would be welcome.

I don't have my CBTO on hand right now but I'll put it up when I do


13 May 2022
@ 08:13 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Hi Ramon, thanks for sharing your results. My concern is that you are getting very high velocities from a 22" barrel. The inconsistent velocities may be as a result of high pressures.

Also, while I very much like ADI powder, the 2213sc burn rate is slightly too fast for 195gr - 208gr bullets (regarding sizzling speeds) while 2217 is slightly too slow (cannot fit enough in the case). If using ADI 2213sc, you may want to look to a lower node in the high 2500fps range from this barrel length. Perhaps see if that helps a bit. I do not believe there are many other powders (no between burn rates) about to choose from at the moment due to supply shortages everywhere.

For now, reload your brass and see how the primers seat, some may already be loose. Load up again, starting at 56.5gr, three shot groups to 58.5 (book max for a 200gr is 57.5gr). Also, please be leary of ladder testing. I know it is very popular, but so is wearing pants that make a man look like he has just shit himself.

OK, hope that helps a wee bit. You might be lucky and it might be a fast rifle, but do play it safe.
13 May 2022
@ 08:36 am (GMT)

Ramon Palmer

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Hi Nathan,

It’s a 24” barrel, should have mentioned that. I had some RL22 but as you know, it’s impossible to get at the moment so this was the closest burn rate I could get.
13 May 2022
@ 09:20 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
OK, this might be an annoyance but when you get time, could you please physically measure (or re-measure) the barrel length, just to be sure. The Spanish maker is not so keen on long barrels, not even in the magnums.

If the barrel is indeed 24", you may still need to go easy with 2213sc above 2650fps. You'll soon find out what the limit is anyway, you have some fired cases / primer pockets to study from your 2700fps loads.

Yes, hard to get much in the way of powder now. One could add some versatility by going the AI route at this time with regards to a new build.
13 May 2022
@ 08:09 pm (GMT)

Ramon Palmer

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Hi Nathan,

The barrel is a true 24” from muzzle to bolt face, I measured this afternoon. I will load up some more rounds as per your instructions to look for some more consistent velocities and let you know the results.

I never had any obvious signs of high pressure at the higher loads, but I have just shot some groups at 60.8 and had high extreme spread and trouble with consistent seating depth. Hopefully these issues will be resolved with a lower charge.

Hopefully this data is useful to someone, particularly in NZ at the moment as there only seems to be ADI powder available and 2213sc seems to be the closest we can get to the right burn rate for these 195 gr TMK projectiles.
14 May 2022
@ 08:49 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Hi Ramon, thanks for going to the trouble to measure that, it provides the correct context for myself and will help others.

Those with a 22" barreled rifles need to interpolate / adjust the above results by minus 70fps.
22 May 2022
@ 08:38 pm (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Hi Ramon,

Don't know if you are somewhere you can get Reload Swiss Powders? They walk very closely with the Alliant Powders.

For heavy bullets in my 7x64, RS70 is great and a good substitute for RL 22 type applications.

Best wishes,

26 May 2022
@ 08:13 pm (GMT)

Ramon Palmer

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Hi Micheal,

Here in NZ we pretty much just have ADI powder at the moment. Hopefully soon the Alliant powders will start to come back
01 Jun 2022
@ 05:09 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06

I'm running RL22 with 195 TMKs in my 30-06 & ended out with having to seat to as 1mm/40 thou jump... this is with a 24 inch True flight barrel on my Howa. doing about 2705 fps.

I couldn't get it shooting that well in closer.

Lovely caliber to work with.

If there is anyone in NZ pref north isalnd that would like to sell me some Reloader 22 please get in touch!!!
08 Jun 2022
@ 09:01 am (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
I regret that I didn’t save my data when I sold my .30-06… memory being what it is. I used two powders H4831sc and Superformance. I experimented with IMR4955 at one point as well, but made some basic errors with that powder that curtailed development of a load (I only realized upon referencing said seemingly discarded notes).

With the 195 TMK and H4831sc out of a 24” cut rifled barrel, I was right around 2670 fps - and a nice crunch on seating. I don’t recall the exact charge weight, but certainly worth working up to it - it was basically as much powder as I could get in the case. COAL was approaching 3.4” - I would have gone longer, but the magazine would not accommodate (new production M70).

With Superformance, I did see more velocity from around 57.7 grain book max, but didn’t have the consistency I wanted. I figured I could leave that 75 fps on the table. I think this powder has more temp sensitivity than the H4831sc as well.

The IMR4955 showed lots of pressure when I tested it. I was having a slow day at the range, mentally. I ceased testing the powder after only my second or third charge weight and thought “well, this thinks, so much for this powder.” I eventually went back and looked at might notes… I was over 2700 fps, and tasted up to 2750 fps or so (IIRC). The light bulb went on - “ah, no wonder I saw pressure… those velocities are much too high). I don’t know why my lot of 4955 built pressure so much faster than anything else I tested and much more so than book values would have suggested. I am not willing to rule out an error at the bench.
08 Jun 2022
@ 09:30 am (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
I suppose I should add that (in a surprise to no one after my clearly awful proof reading), I never did load anything that performed as well as plain old Hornady factory Superformance ammo.
16 Jun 2022
@ 08:14 am (GMT)

Ramon Palmer

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Well after a lot of effort I couldn’t get the 195 TMK’s to shoot well in my B-14. They seemed to like minimal jump (I ended up at 10 thou) but even then my best group was 1.2”.

I switched to the 175 TMK and loaded up 3 shot groups at 10 thou jump at half grain increments and instantly had sub MOA groups. Best at 0.61”.

Could recoil management have had something to do with my poor groups with the 195? Quite possibly. It was certainly significant and the rifle isn’t braked or suppressed.

Anyway, an interesting experiment. Perhaps these Bergara 30-06 barrels don’t like the 195 TMK, but a sample size of one is hardly worth drawing conclusions over.
19 Jun 2022
@ 09:50 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Did you try a longer jump as I had to to get my Howa True Flite to group well? (with R22)

Best I could get was 0.8-1MOA up close... then I increased the jump to 1mm / 40 thou which brought it down to 0.5 -0.6MOA.

I shoot by rifle bare, not suppressed or braked as I want to improve my form as much as possible without recoil reducing add ons. Suppressors I reckon are hard on you rifle (carbon) & brakes are hard on everyone else... so I've gone back to a bare rifle. I shoot prone with sling tensions, knee up etc to old school / Nathan type form. Recoil is well manageable & more pleasant than my 7RM.
22 Aug 2022
@ 10:31 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Have those of you that have used the 195 TMK used them for heavy bodied deer either reds or Sambar by chance?
26 Aug 2022
@ 08:55 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Not yet. But hopefully, fingers crossed, by end of Nov I will...

Will let you know!

Cheers Lane.
30 Sep 2022
@ 02:26 am (GMT)

Aaron Peterson

Re: 195 gr TMK in 30-06
Have those of you that have used the 195 TMK used them for heavy bodied deer either reds or Sambar by chance?

I have used the 195gr TMK on several whitetail deer now, with a few being quite large for the breed. Shots have varied so far from 40 yards to around 600 yards. They were from my 308w and a MV of 2680fps.

Every single animal I’ve shot so far with that load had either dropped on the spot or only went a few yards. Terminal performance has always been extremely impressive and exactly what you want to see. I have no confidence issues with it and would be very confident using it on Sambar, or our elk and moose over here and I intend to.

Hope that helps.


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