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Barrel companies, who have you used?

13 Mar 2022
@ 08:19 pm (GMT)

Alan Rimkeit

There are so many. Bartlein Barrels, PROOF Research, Hawk Hill Custom, Krieger Barrels, Rock Creek Barrels, the list goes on. Broughton Barrels, Masterpiece Arms Barrels, MullerWorks Barrels, X-Caliber, Schneider Barrels, McGowen Barrels, Criterion Barrels, H-S Precision Barrels, and K&P Barrels.

What's a guy to do? These barrels cost so much getting a bum product would be terrible. I know all of them guarantee their barrels and what not, but the back and forth of returning a bum barrel would be best avoided to my mind.

Who have you used? What have you heard? I just like any and all knowledgeable opinions. Thanks!


13 Mar 2022
@ 08:52 pm (GMT)

Alan Rimkeit

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
I just realized this should have been posted in Rifles general discussion.

Can you move it?
17 Mar 2022
@ 10:24 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
Hi Alan, just had 2 barrels fitted and both are performing without fault.

First a Trueflite SS fluted match barrel that is on a Tikka T3 chambered in 260rem set up for heavy for cal pills. Grants barrel has taken no time to run in with little fouling etc. (A big bonus with the component shortages). Hasn't run a group over .7 moa during ladder tests using 3 projectiles.
Shot many rifles years ago with Nathan using TF barrels running them all out to true extended hunting ranges without fault. Great barrel and will happily use one again.

Second has been a welcome surprise.
An IBI 1:10 SS that l picked up in a sale (was meant to be heavy varmint though its more like a truck axle!). Fitted to my go-to trued Rem 700 Police S/A chambered in 308w.
By surprise in mean its punching really neat keyholes with 168 & 210 grain projectiles also with little break in/fouling. I had no firsthand experience with IBI being not well known here in OZ so its a small test sample!.
17 Mar 2022
@ 03:11 pm (GMT)

Alan Rimkeit

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
Thanks for the input.
18 Mar 2022
@ 02:19 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
I've used Bartlein with good success. They make good barrels for sure. You know you can get a dud bore on occasion but if you're having a rifle built I think a good gunsmith can help reduce the chances of that happening. Good luck!
18 Mar 2022
@ 10:03 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
Hi Alan, for my own builds, I use True-Flite. With regards to my U.S readers, many are seeing good results from Bartlein at this time of writing.
20 Mar 2022
@ 06:52 pm (GMT)

Alan Rimkeit

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
Two votes for Bartlein. They have quite a high percentage of winning long range champions from what I have read.

20 Mar 2022
@ 07:43 pm (GMT)

Todd Free

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
I have used one True-Flite so far on my 30.06. Shoots .19" at 100 yards. Takes forever to foul and cleans up quickly. Will be getting another True-Flite for my 7mm rem mag soon.
06 May 2022
@ 09:13 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
Yep I ran with Nathans advice re: True flite. I re barelled in 30-06 24" with TF ultra match barrel. V happy with it & agree around minimal fowling & easy run in. Finish is perfect. (I have a bore scope)

Years ago I rebarrelled with a Shilen for an 8x57 24" for my old man... couldn't get 8x57 through TF unfortunately.

The finish of the the Shilen barrel (inside)was great except the last two inches which was worm skin.

I mean, what were they thinking?? That the barrel would be cut to 22 rather than the 24" I requested from the gunsmith & as ordered by him?!? Not impressed at their / Shilen's response when I raised it with them either. " oh well its better than it being too smooth & polished." Yeah right, will remember that! Dicks.
09 Jun 2022
@ 12:21 pm (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
Broughton, Bartlein, Krieger, Proof Research.

One Bartlein and the Proof were Carbon Fiber wrapped Sendero contour. The Bartlein was on a .30-06 project gun I’ve since sold. The Proof is on a Father-Son gun in 6.5 Creedmoor. Both were right around .65” @ 100 yds for five shot groups in my hands.

The Broughton was a TRG contour barrel on my KRG SOTIC (an American homage, updated somewhat, to the TRG). It was marginally more accurate in my hands than the CF above, whether that is the barrel or the difference between two “hunting weight” guns and a target gun is hard to say.

I have a steel Bartlein that replaced the Broughton, moved from 6.5 CM to 6 CM. Heavy Palma contour, 26” versus 22” - it’s fired some very tight groups and been a great shooter… of course, now we’re talking a probably 16-17 pound gun with very little recoil.

The Krieger is a 20” #5 Contour on my Tac Ops Delta-51. The rifle itself conforms pretty closely to Nathan’s idea of a “general hack.” It’s heavy at 12.5 lbs because I opted for a 29 ounce March FX 4.5-28 and an adjustable McMillan A3… could easily shed 1.5 lbs there. While the Broughton, Bartlein, and this Krieger have all shot 1-hole for three shots at 100 yds, this rifle and barrel hold the distinction of the only sub-half MOA 10 shot group I’ve ever fired… and that at 200 yds with a magneto speed chronograph hanging on the barrel with FGMM 185 Juggernauts (at 2595 fps).

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of the above, but if the Delta-51 tells me anything, it’s that having someone who knows what they’re on about knocking it together is important as well.
11 Jun 2022
@ 10:56 am (GMT)

Rob Bird

Re: Barrel companies, who have you used?
Happy with my McGowen build, and their gunsmithing service is inexpensive.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.