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Re: Sierra's new TGK (tipped GameKing) LR bullet

26 Dec 2020
@ 01:51 pm (GMT)

Magnus Vassbotn

Ahh, yes. Ricochets are much more frequent with monos than cup and core bullets. Something I have experienced several times myself (on rocky, dry ground). But as Scott implies, safe background should be safe regardless of bullet choice. A low velocity lead bullet will ricochet just as much as a high velocity copper.

Regardless, If you or your assosiates are uncomfortable with monos, I believe the Partition 140 or the Accubond 140 is a good choice (or Woodleigh PP160). Alternatively Interbond or Scirocco, but those are both 130 (like the TGK), so maybe marginal penetration from the worst angles (texas heart shot), with 264 impact velocities.

I've now read the thread, and more about the TGK. I see it is supposedly more towards stout than the ELD-X, and I'm sure it will anchor game from bad angles. But I am also quite confident it's not a great penetrator at 264 impact velocities, especially considering it's a 130 grain bullet.

I remember one incident with mature warthog boar, that a friend of mine shot. It was hit in the arse with a soft 225 grain bullet from a 338 win mag. It regained itself, and kept going for an hour or so, with one rear leg completely smashed. Nasty business, but in the end it was killed.

I am sure the TGK will put the breaks on any animal from a bad angle, for a while. But with the 264 (and potentially poor penetration) I would be ready for a very quick follow up.

But the only way to really know is to try it out, so if you can't get hold of any of the others, just give it a go.



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