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Annealing and meplat trimming 139gn scenars

26 Nov 2013
@ 07:05 am (GMT)

Nick Aagren

Hi there Nathan

Great new book all round. Heaps of information and easy to read. Thanks for putting in the effort to bring it all together in a well written book. I read it in a couple of days.

I have a few hundred 139gn Scenars which I plan to use in my 6.5x55. I will be using them on roos which I shoot on a couple of properties under permit.

I would prefer to use the Amax 140gn which I have used successfully in the past but would like to use up these Scenars.

I'm thinking I will make up two batches of bullets, short (100-300yds) and long range ( 300-500yds) but both will be annealed as per your description on page 79. I tried annealing one bullet just now using a 400gm bernzomatic propane bottle with a 8mm diam torch head and after about a minute I still hadn't got it to turn cherry red. I notice from your photo you are using what looks like a much bigger diam torch head. How long heating does it take you to achieve the desired result? Do I need to get a bigger torch head?

What would be your thoughts on meplat treatment for shorter range distances and longer range distances. Do I need to cut the meplat more aggressively and drill out to say 1.5mm for the longer range bullets so they fragment at slower speeds or am I on the wrong track? I would like to get a combination together that will put the animals down as quickly as possible when chest shot and from reading your book the Scenars untreated a very likely to pencil through.

From reading your section on the 6.5x55 I believe the distances and application I'm looking to use it for are within your limitations for this cartridge. The other option is to sell the Scenars and purchase 140gn Amax to be humane as possible.




26 Nov 2013
@ 03:07 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Annealing and meplat trimming 139gn scenars
Hi Nick. In this instance, simply trim back the meplat a bit and leave it at that. 1.5mm would be ideal. Have a look at the wound data base (knowledge base) to see the results.

I am in the same situation as you at the moment. I have a pile of Scenar projectiles that need to be used up.
26 Nov 2013
@ 03:12 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Annealing and meplat trimming 139gn scenars
Sorry, as to your other question, yes it is quite a fierce torch but still fed from a can, not a gas bottle. Try lowering the water content in the pan as the water really does dispurse heat. Use low lighting / dark room to get a good idea of what is happening.

I think we got through that without too many spoilers.....



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