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7 Mag - 190 gr Matrix

25 Nov 2013
@ 11:45 am (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Did you ever finalize a load with the 190gr Matrix in the 7 mag? I remember you stating that the MV was faster than expected due to the shorter surface bearing. Just interested in what one should expect out to 1100 yds.

My knee is healing well, so I'm going hunting at the end of this week. Surgeon won't allow me to climb a tree stand, so I'll hobble to my ground blind on Friday. 200 yds is all I've have got on the ground so I'll use my little 243.

Congrats again on your book!



25 Nov 2013
@ 02:20 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 7 Mag - 190 gr Matrix
Hi Jim, glad to hear your knee is recovering quickly. Pet load for the last rifle (Win brass and 210 primer with 20 thou jump) was 66.5gr H1000 (2217) for 2880fps and and ES of 2fps. I was able to crack 2900fps but have not pursued this since.

In the rifles I have worked on so far, I have tested from 66 to 68.5 grains but I would advise 65 grains as a start point considering the wide range of chambers. I think the sweet spot for your rifle Jim will be somewhere in that 66 to 67gr range.

Are you going to cross tape your knee? May pay to pull that cruciate ligament to the inside leg with sports tape just to play it safe. No heavy boots.
25 Nov 2013
@ 08:37 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: 7 Mag - 190 gr Matrix
Good advise on the sports tape.
30 Nov 2013
@ 04:33 am (GMT)

joshua sutcliffe

Re: 7 Mag - 190 gr Matrix
Hi guys, just touching on this combo, Do you find that the 190VLD is adequately stabilised by 9 1/4 twist rate?


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