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Re: Fiocchi Extrema

24 Jul 2020
@ 09:14 pm (GMT)


This thread is aging a little but I have just become aware of Fiocchi's Extrema ammunition using Hornady's SST projectile, and Googling around has brought me all the way back to an old favourite website.

Talking specifically .270, I used Hornady's 140grain BT Interlock bullets years ago to good effect - and my experience aligns with what I've read on TBR - very accurate, great BC, and with careful placement they're fast killers - but no end for end shots on deer with them! Lately I've decided I like the look of the Superperformance or Precision Hunter loads, but then I saw the Fiocchi's load.

The reason I was interested in the Fiocchi load is that I've slways regretted that Hornady didnt offer it's 150-grain SSTs as a Superperformance option, and because Precision Hunter apparently chrony's quite a bit less than stated on the packet (although the ELDXs are extremely slippery). Both loads are also more expensive than Fiocchi where I live.

So I now have a packet of Fiocchi 150 grain Extrema in .270 and I'm looking forward to trying it at different ranges and see how it goes on targets.


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