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what is long range hunting to you

02 Sep 2011
@ 12:44 pm (GMT)

Bruce Holler

What is long range hunting to you before and after viewing TBR website?

When I started hunting in the Arizona desert, USA. I practiced for shot out to 300 to 400 yds. with the furthest deer I shot was ~100 yds. In western Oregon USA the furthest deer I shot was 75 yrds. The largest buck I shot trotted accross a trail in front of me. I whistled and stomped me feet. The Buck stopped and looked back, I shot.

Now I am thinking abour 500 to 800 yd shots, and realize I need to add to my shooting skills.

How about your expierance?


06 Sep 2011
@ 01:45 am (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: what is long range hunting to you
I started out with a Rem 700 BDL 7Mag and shot deer out to 350yds. Then moved up to the Sendero 7mag and really practised out to 700yd. Killed two deer just over the 500 yd mark. Burned the throat out and rebarreled with a Hart. Again, lots of practice and my current kill in 832yds. Hope to make the 1000yd mark this season. It also pays to have top notch glass on the rifle. As they say: 'If can't you see them, you can't hit them'. I have a 8-32x56 Nightforce on my rifle. Good luck!
07 Sep 2011
@ 09:51 am (GMT)

Bruce Holler

Re: what is long range hunting to you
Good shooting. Did you use a range finder? I would think so.
Could you post some details on those long shots? Terrain, bullet used, etc.

10 Sep 2011
@ 12:53 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: what is long range hunting to you
The Sendero was shooting 150 ballistic tips. With the new Hart barrel 26", 9 twist, #6 contour fluted. Load is 72grs of H-1000, 162 A-Max, Fed GM215M primers, bullet seated .007 off the lands. MV 2970 fps. Leica 1200 rangefinder. Scope is a Nightforce 8-32x56. I hunt in the Southeast USA in the soybean and corn fields. You can't shoot long range without a rangefinder. In the off season I practise shooting in the same fields. I diagram the fields and even hang a piece of surveying tape where the game trails come into the field. Same trails have been there for years. I shoot from a 2 man ladder stand that puts me about 16 feet off the ground and use a piece of shelving board across the rails of the stand to create a benchrest setup. I either use sandbags or stuff a couple of beach towels in my backpack for the rest. Great setup. The terrain is flat as a pancake and only 75 ft above sea level. The coastal Carolinas. At 800yds you aiming about 17 ft over the deer. Hope this helps. Anything else, just ask. That's what the forums are for....sharing info and helping fellow hunters!
11 Sep 2011
@ 12:04 pm (GMT)

Bruce Holler

Re: what is long range hunting to you
09 Dec 2011
@ 04:56 pm (GMT)

david burns

Re: what is long range hunting to you
I shoot a very accurate 264 mag. WE have lots of open country in eastern oregon and shots can often be 300 yards. I get into the ethics of long range hunting occasionally and side with the many experienced voices who say anthing over 400 yards is unethical. I see the tv guys shooting at 800 yards and over, but you can edit out the misses and wounded game. They spend a huge amount on computer graphics that they pack around with them, and they have extremely expensive rifles and equipment. They just sit in one place and shoot at anything in the county without ever having to get up and hunt. One trouble is the hunters who watch these shows and videos want to do that too but can't afford the equipment and rifles necessary. Nor do they practice daily at those distances. Shooting at extreme distances should be left for targets and terrorists.
09 Dec 2011
@ 08:07 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: what is long range hunting to you
Having been a guide for many years, prior to operating my tutorial based hunts (rather than a general outfitter service), I saw clients wound game at ranges of 25 to 300 yards. Does this therefore mean that anything over 25 yards is something you consider unethical?

On one hunt, a client wounded a pig at 300 yards, shot it in the ham. The pig bolted, I took the finishing shot at over 600 yards, a single, clean killing shot. Was this finishing shot unethical?

In my 1125 yard shot (7mm Practical article), I took the shot, I called the point of impact, I described that I would have preferred a better POI, but I did my best to describe all the pros and cons etc to viewers. The areas I wanted viewers to study was the autopsy footage and the notes on technique, the details.

I have worked very hard and sacrificed a great deal to give readers of this site the information you see here. I have tried my best to maintain a balanced point of view and I ask you to consider what I am saying and to try and do the same. Please, try to avoid absolute statements or generalizing if possible.

What you are talking about is a particular type of person that annoys hell out of you. But you have gone to the extreme as we all can do, black and white thinking. I have done it, you just did it. Yes, I fully agree with what you say about the gear hunters, all the kit, looking plenty cool, no interest in ethics, its all about them. But please don't tar me with the same brush and please don't do this to others.

I come from a poor family. My Grandfather came back from WW2 with nothing. He raised his children in a railway carriage in the Australian outback. In the evening, he used to climb into the loft of a farmers barn with his .303 and shoot rabbits for the table. If it was a 200 yard shot, he took it. If it was a 300 yard shot, he did his best to try.

Up until I was 16, the rifles I had access to were pretty hopeless in the accuracy department. If you could hit something at 100 yards, it was a good day. I also hunted with bare bows, no sights, just a feel.

When I turned 16, I struck it lucky when I purchased my own SMLE that happened to be very accurate. I continued to try and emulate my Grandfather, always interested in marksmanship. I learned to shoot that rifle, producing one shot kills on goats out to 500 yards, using open V sights. When you try and do this type of shooting, the foresight on the SMLE completely blocks out everything so you have to rock it back and forwards (or up and down), on and off the target until you get a feel for where you think the site should be, versus where the animal is. When I was able to, I moved to a scoped rifle for superior target acquisition.

So, there is a lot to consider. I hope you find comfort in this post. You mentioned guys trying to emulate long range videos. One thing I see, is guys with lots of money, purchasing expensive rigs, under the misconception that the kit will get the job done, giving little thought to technique and personal discipline.

One thing I try to teach my guys, is that they don't actually need the most expensive rifles and kit. If you go to reloadersnz on Youtube, I did a seminar which covers much of this. The seminar is muffled a bit as it is was intended for the clients, not the internet, but you may (or may not) enjoy it. Basic kit and good sound technique are all that is required. Attitude is the most important factor when it comes to long range work. I don't expect my guys to practice every week as a lot of them work in big cities, providing vital services for people like me, from traditional primary industries, to hospitals to internet services. But I do expect them to undergo periods of practice during their holidays to re-hone skills.

One last thing, when watching the stats on my videos and articles, people do want to see the long shots. On the 1125 yard clip, I said aloud, "guys, please read the hold that forend article". But, some people ignored this and wanted to see more of the long shots. This is the kind of thing that I think is annoying you. Yes, there are guys wanting to get the results, but without putting in the work, not really wanting to learn 'how' to do it. However, make no mistake, there are many great spirits on this planet, an abundance of excellent hunting folk, whether they are bush/woods hunters or long range hunters.

Below, is the 604 yard shot I made to finish the ham wounded pig. The client, a usually very good shot, was very unfortunate in that his rifle lost its zero during the hunt. The client watches on, very disappointed that he has wounded the pig, I am over the side of the ridge a bit taking aim, my dog at my heel.

Below is the entry wound.

Exit wound

Both entry wounds can be seen

Below, the extent of the ham wound (.270 Winchester).

11 Sep 2012
@ 02:38 am (GMT)

Bruce Holler

Re: what is long range hunting to you
two different approaches to hunting I read above. And both are interesting.
For my skill set and hunting technique I prefer to limit my hunting to about point blank range for the rifle I am shooting. That equates to about 300 yds. The funny thing is I have never had a shot game over 100 yds. Ah make to 200 yds in Arizona.

But now that I am 60, the spot an shoot is more appealing.
Which means I will need to spend more time at the range fine tuning long range shooting techniques.

Equipment also comes into play. My Browning BLR in 308, 2-7 Redfield, is not the best choice for 500 yard and beyond shots. Neither is my 7/08 with a 3-9 Nikon Prostaff (I truly dislike this scope but it works).

As for unethical long shots, taking shots beyond ones capability seems unethical to me. Therefore it is suggested know your own capabilities.

What I consider unethical is shooting the south end for a north bound animal in most hunting situations.


11 Sep 2012
@ 09:07 pm (GMT)

Lee Minhinnick

Re: what is long range hunting to you
Hi Bruce your opinon is spot on. Knowing ones limits is key if hunters can't kill the game within there own abilty and knowning the pracital limit off there set up (rifle,scope and caliber choice) wounded game is alway of a greater risk. For myself I won't use anything smaller than a 243win on game animals and love the 30 06 because no animal been shot with it has got away yet that Ive shot. To say no one should use a 223rem hunting goats or deer would be wrong but I won't became of bad shots ive made on goats and seen them get away. Can't say that about the 30 06. But take the hunters who go out most weekends and bush hunt but have no idea how to site in a rifle in or shoot past 100 yard but bring home the bacon. For me knowing where your rifle is sighted in is more important than the hunt but thats only my opinon. Nathans skill and rifle set up has shown us what can be done with good shooting standards and really shown what long range hunting can do. Each to there own on what makes them happy as long the animal been taken are shot in the most ethical way (Killed as quickly as possible). All thats left to say Big is good!.


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