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Re: 168gn A-max in 30-06

20 Apr 2020
@ 05:53 pm (GMT)

Jack Dunross

Hey Bob, i asked this question in another thread, but it is probably more relevant here. How do you find the 168 eld-m performs out of the 30-06 at close ranges? I'm tossing up between a 30-06 and a 308 as my next rifle and by reading through the forum, i've noticed that you use both.

I'll mostly be targeting Fallow, Reds and Pigs at close ranges in dense forrest, but also stretching out at longer ranges for Roos and general target work on open farm land. The 308 seems pretty perfect, but i'm wondering if the 30-06 would let me stretch out a bit further for long range work and also give me a more all round rifle for doing hunting trips over east and up north Australia as well as over in NZ.

The reason i ask specifically about the 168 eld-m is that it seems to be significantly cheaper than most other projectiles and can be had for about 50c per projectile through cleavers. So i'd like to do the bulk of my practice with it and i like the idea of having one do it all bullet for the species i will be targeting at home (99%of my time), with the option to use bigger/different projectiles for any interstate/overseas hunting trip if need be. I understand that the 308 can do this, but with about 100 yards shorter range.

The 30-06 Winchester brass can be had for very cheap too, even though it's bigger than the 308.

Specifically i'm tossing up between a Winchester M70 Extreme Weather in 30-06 or a Remington 5R 20" in 308. Both are comparable prices, with the 308 being a bit more compact and heavy, but better for long strings. I imagine that the 5R might be more accurate out of the box too.

I've read all of Nathans books (except his newest one) and trawled this forum hoping to narrow my search down, which has taken me to where i am now.

I've been shooting a heavy barrel tikka 223 for the past 3 or 4 years and have improved my skill a lot since reading Nathans books. I'm ready for something bigger though. I have made myself a solid shooting bench as per Nathans video and am just about to start reloading, so i'm not overly concerned about availability of factory ammo, but i do like the idea of having quality factory ammo available at any gun shop if need be, which the 308 seems to have in spades in Australia.

I didn't actually intend for this comment to be any longer than the first paragraph, but i have a tendency to heavily over think things like this, trying to make the perfect decision, so i think even just typing my thoughts down has cleared my head a bit haha.

Anyways, i'd be interested to hear your thoughts, as well as anyone else reading this. I probably should have made a new thread haha, so sorry about that.



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