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Re: 30-06 or?

19 Apr 2020
@ 10:40 pm (GMT)

Jack Dunross

Hi Benn
I've used a 30-06 for about 5yrs now, I've used most calibers including 308 that I still have. I love the 30-06, don't want anything that kicks harder I'm 69yrs old now, been shooting continually since 12yrs.

I shoot a lot of feral animals from Fox up to Red & big Samba/rusa cross Deer. My favorite projectile is 168gn A-max, my 30-06 delivers it at 2900fps, 308 at 2700fps. Both rifles are very accurate 1/4 MOA, both have NXS nightforce 3.5-15x50 ZS scopes that I really like.

My 30-06 is my go to rifle, I regularly shoot out to 700yds with very good results, I struggle with shots longer than that distance.

For hunting longer ranges the 30-06 has a 200fps advantage so has more energy than the 308w.

One of the 7mm calibers would be good also, 280 or 7mm rem mag, they
have similar recoil to the 30-06.

300WM is very good but too much recoil for me, especially hurried uphill shots, my 30-06 has cracked me a couple of times.
Good luck with it mate

Hey Bob, sorry for dragging up an old thread and semi highjacking it, but just curious, how does the 168 grain eld-m perform on deer and pigs at close range out of the 30-06? I'm weighing up between getting a 308 or 30-06 and will be using the rifle for a mix of dense bush work and also open farm land long range. I notice you post quite frequently and shoot this pill in both calibers, so i'm interested to hear your thoughts.


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