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Waiting for a wobble

01 Oct 2019
@ 11:06 am (GMT)

bryan long

Had a nice shot last weekend. A Sika, where i just saw the ear tops as i was walking through the edge of a rolling field.
When I got down it was out of sight but walking towards me. Best position was kneeling.
So I got into position and waited, scope was set to fish feet. I had to deer sighted from ears again and had to wait for it's head to come into view, which gave it a bit of time where it could just about see me but was still obscured by grass.
Another few steps and I was on the neck just under the chin.But I was a bit unnerved by the sight picture being rock steady! If I'd had the time I would have almost waited for a normal amount of movement.
I could see in the scope now it was trying to make me out so dropped it with a 168 TAP

Can't wait to see the shooting technique Video. Bryan


01 Oct 2019
@ 02:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Waiting for a wobble
Nice work Bryan, sounds like that rifle has been working really well for you.
03 Oct 2019
@ 03:35 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: Waiting for a wobble
rifle is putting them where the crosshair sits.

But been using the book to practice a ton over the summer, sitting , kneeling and standing.


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