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Sierra TMKs in 308 on big bodied reds

26 Sep 2019
@ 02:04 pm (GMT)


Currently loaded with 168 TMKs over H4895/2206H, which have had surprisingly adequate penetration on broadside shots, even at closer ranges.

Looking to step up bullet weight with the aim of a little more reliability in the event of a big bone hit or slightly raking shot.

Had pretty much decided on the 175TMK at maybe 2600, but after studying bullistic tables, it appears that the 195TMK at maybe 2500 may be a better choice, particularly at 500/600 yards. Seems that the only downside to the 195 is a loopier trajectory at my preferred PBR of 300 yards.

Thoughts ? Votes ?

Not looking for alternative views on bullet make/style or calibre, regardless of the possible merits of different options.


30 Sep 2019
@ 08:34 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sierra TMKs in 308 on big bodied reds
Hi Iain, I suggest that you give this a run for a while to see if it suits you. Those of us who started with the Lee Enfield were happy with the muzzle velocity of 2400fps, no complaints whatsoever and with a steeper trajectory than your proposed load. Nevertheless, you will still need to run it for a while to see if the basic trajectory (without or prior to dialing) suits your hunting methods (does not slow you down / cause errors).

In my rifle, running Winchester brass and a Federal 210 primer, I have been using 41gr 2206h (H4895) behind the 195gr TMK. The OAL is 71.3mm. Velocity is 2440fps, ES extremely low, accuracy outstanding. I am currently using a 22" barrel. I have found everything to be satisfactory in the field.

This is one of the great virtues of the .308, being able to use a very wide range of bullet weights. It is worth exploring, even if you return to a lighter bullet weight later.

02 Oct 2019
@ 11:12 am (GMT)


Re: Sierra TMKs in 308 on big bodied reds
Thanks for that. 2400ish is likely to a bit loopy for me,and initial impressions are that this barrel may be a little slow.

Best I do some proper load work and see where it takes me.


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