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New Hornady A Tip

16 May 2019
@ 12:35 pm (GMT)

Thomas Humphries

What are peoples thoughts on these “new” projectiles?
I’m quite excited to try out some 230gr on some goats.


05 Jun 2019
@ 02:48 pm (GMT)

Calvin Nickel

Re: New Hornady A Tip
Very intrigued. My .300 wins 10 twist won’t stabilize them supposedly, but the few reports that are out there suggest the bc really is that high and moreover that they’re really easy to tune, insensitive to seating depth. I see browning has entered the long range game with a heavy barrelled x bolt with a target style stock, and the .300 win and .300 rum options come with an 8 twist!!! Interesting to say the least, that 250 grain .30 really has no peers. As it is, I’m preparing to load up the 225 eld match in my 300. It’s impressive enough, and stabilized in my barrel.


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