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Re: Factory ammo accuracy

14 May 2019
@ 09:53 am (GMT)

john black

don't wanna hijack this thread, but since i have posted in it before i'll do so again. got to FINALLY take my rem 700 5r 20" bbl bottom metal 308 (i glass bedded the recoil lug with devcon) to the range today. using some of my run of the mill reloads i also shoot in an M1A ( 168 gr sierra HPBT over 42.5 REL15 in LC military cases). i say run of the mill as they weren't checked for concentricity etc. they WERE loaded on my forester co-ax. i messed around at 50 yds getting it on paper etc then at 100 yds decided to get serious when i discovered i had a half a box left, not a full one. so...first 2 were touching at 1" ? high and right so adjusted scope and put the next 8 into 1/2" in basically one ragged hole. YES i have pics but figuring out how to post em is.....hey! i'm old ok? i'm still figuring where the rotary dial is on my cell phone. if anyone cares i'll send em and maybe someone else under 50 can figure how to post pics. looking fwd to taking out some berger 175s next.


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