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Hornady bullet comparator

05 May 2019
@ 12:50 pm (GMT)

mark suckling

Hi Guys, I just got a hornady lock n load bullet comparator second hand.

I'm quite prepared to accept I'm an idiot ....but I assumed that the .284/7 mm insert would be the one you use for 7mm bullets however the bullet slides straight through, also the tip stops inside the tool body when set up so wouldn't work even if it stopped on the ogive anyway. (180 eldm)

It came with the .277 insert which I guess is the next option but that measures a way up from the ogive. However I expect this may be more accurate than measuring to the tip.

I'm confused.


05 May 2019
@ 12:56 pm (GMT)

mark suckling

Re: Hornady bullet comparator

I think the previous owner drilled out the insert for some weird reason, to suit a 30cal. I can see the insert bore is not as smooth as the other inserts

It's confirmed I'm an idiot!
06 May 2019
@ 01:34 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Hornady bullet comparator
I would be more inclined to use the term on the "person" who sold the items. To not tell someone that equipment has been modified for his own personal use is just plain stupid, rude, and deceitful. That person is the idiot.
06 May 2019
@ 06:22 pm (GMT)

mark suckling

Re: Hornady bullet comparator
Thanks Paul, The gear came from a 3rd party, it was seized from a guy who owed money so I never dealt with the original owner.

Just annoyed at myself I didn't figure it out sooner. Only $10 for a replacement insert.



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