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180 berger or 180 Eldm?

22 Apr 2019
@ 09:57 am (GMT)

Garrett Pasquale

Which is a better 0 -1000 yard hunting round on medium sized animals, the 7mm 180 berger or the 180 Eldm? Cheers


25 Apr 2019
@ 07:33 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 180 berger or 180 Eldm?
Hi Garrett, interesting to note that none of my guys have answered this yet each know the answer. Such a loyal bunch.

The answers to this can be found in my cartridge book. This second edition has the most up to date info with very detailed photos and answers your question directly.
25 Apr 2019
@ 08:09 pm (GMT)

Garrett Pasquale

Re: 180 berger or 180 Eldm?
I think they are all asleep or hopefully out chasing fallow bucks at the moment as they are going gang busters right now!
The cartridge book I have is just prior to the release of the 180 eldm's. I figure they are probably pretty good but was just wanted to know if they were better than the 180 berger?
Cheers g
29 Apr 2019
@ 09:44 am (GMT)

don gray

Re: 180 berger or 180 Eldm?
I read the book but at the time of the second addition rhe 180 eld-M was out yet but predicted to be a great huntong bullet.

The stats are great on the bullet. Question is has anyone yet used this bullet on Elk or anu other tough game.

Going to work some up but dont want to use as hunting bulet yet without hunting confirmation that is good for all the reasons stated in the book what we need for long range huntong of 700 tp 900 lb elk.

05 May 2019
@ 06:58 pm (GMT)

Garrett Pasquale

Re: 180 berger or 180 Eldm?
12 May 2019
@ 04:43 pm (GMT)

Garrett Pasquale

Re: 180 berger or 180 Eldm?
12 May 2019
@ 06:14 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 180 berger or 180 Eldm?
Hi Garrett
if you jump on Nathan's youtube channel you'll see the projectiles he uses


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.