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Shooting 6012 yards

04 Apr 2019
@ 10:10 am (GMT)

Caleb Mayfield

This popped up in one of my feeds the other day. It's kind of hard to wrap my head around, but man oh man would I like to give it a try some day.

Team Global Precision Group Hits 6012-Yard Target

It appears to be a Nightforce with a Charlie TARAC mounted to it set for 400 MOA.

The bullets he is launching out there are over $3 US each, and best guestimate is it takes around 190 grains of powder to do it. Roughly $0.75 US in powder.


13 Apr 2019
@ 05:24 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Shooting 6012 yards
17 seconds... wow. That's gotta to be a combination of luck and good weather doing the heavy lifting... I tried to watch the video but got errors


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