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Fiocchi Extrema

31 Mar 2019
@ 03:49 pm (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

FWIW, News to me if not to you:

Fiocchi is now selling a new line of ammunition, the Extrema.

"Fiocchi Extrema hunting ammunition uses the best bullets in the business from SST, V Max, Interlock, Sierra Gameking, and Barnes Tipped Triple Shock. Its precision brass case is combined with the best powders and reliable primers to make the most of these world-renown bullets."

I haven't tried this Extrema, and I don't have a chronograph anyway, but the point is that Fioccho is a budget brand in the United States.

So, for instance the Hornady .308 SST Superformance 150gr. costs about $37.95 USD for a box of 20. The Fiocchi Extrema .308 SST (non-Superformance powder?) can go for as low as $18.41 USD.

No idea of the performance, but the SST bullet is the same. Same kind of thing going with the other Extrema offerings.


01 Apr 2019
@ 04:23 am (GMT)

John D. Hays

Re: Fiocchi Extrema
Anyone know anything about the quality of Fiocchi brass?
01 Apr 2019
@ 04:31 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Fiocchi Extrema
Never used or seen it. But.....
02 Apr 2019
@ 02:45 am (GMT)

mark korte

Re: Fiocchi Extrema
I can't speak to their rifle ammunition components, but I have used their shotgun ammo for years and they have a great reputation on that front. I don't think all of their stuff would be considered budget either.
02 Apr 2019
@ 07:10 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: Fiocchi Extrema
Well, Hornady super performance SST cost $63 US Dollars in Ireland.
They do what they say on the tin though.

So it'll be interesting to see some of those fiocchi
02 Apr 2019
@ 07:56 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: Fiocchi Extrema
double the american price
02 Apr 2019
@ 10:20 am (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: Fiocchi Extrema


I'm thinking that it is not very productive to compare prices for firearms & related between countries. There are just too many variables, political, economic, regulations and economy of scale.

These "Extrema" cartridges are probably produced in Ozark, Missouri here in the States, not in Europe. So there is another variable, shipping costs.

I would like to try these 150Gr. Extrema in .308 SST, but I'm not sure I would learn anything particular about the ballistics if I don't have a chronograph.

The one I want is the LabRadar Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar Chronograph:

and I can get it for about $465 USD.

BUT, I don't have the beans right now to pay for it. :-(

02 Apr 2019
@ 12:52 pm (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Fiocchi Extrema

Same price every where here.

I think the thing is even made in Canada. What a rip...
02 Apr 2019
@ 02:58 pm (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: Fiocchi Extrema

Well, Robert, at least you don’t have to shoot at it to make it talk and cough up information.

Chronographs definitely come cheaper than this unit.
05 Apr 2019
@ 07:29 pm (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Re: Fiocchi Extrema
I've used their 22 LR ammo for a couple decades in a couple of Anchutz rifles and a CZ as well. It is very accurate and always has been and I've also used their shotgun ammo which is also very reliable. Lately I've been using their 223 ammo on my AR and it is very accurate. As far as the brass goes, I've been saving it to reload but have not tried it yet.

Best regards
24 Jul 2020
@ 09:14 pm (GMT)


Re: Fiocchi Extrema
This thread is aging a little but I have just become aware of Fiocchi's Extrema ammunition using Hornady's SST projectile, and Googling around has brought me all the way back to an old favourite website.

Talking specifically .270, I used Hornady's 140grain BT Interlock bullets years ago to good effect - and my experience aligns with what I've read on TBR - very accurate, great BC, and with careful placement they're fast killers - but no end for end shots on deer with them! Lately I've decided I like the look of the Superperformance or Precision Hunter loads, but then I saw the Fiocchi's load.

The reason I was interested in the Fiocchi load is that I've slways regretted that Hornady didnt offer it's 150-grain SSTs as a Superperformance option, and because Precision Hunter apparently chrony's quite a bit less than stated on the packet (although the ELDXs are extremely slippery). Both loads are also more expensive than Fiocchi where I live.

So I now have a packet of Fiocchi 150 grain Extrema in .270 and I'm looking forward to trying it at different ranges and see how it goes on targets.


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