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Re: .204 reloading and general

15 Aug 2013
@ 12:45 am (GMT)

jason brown

just an up date for anyone reading or following this thread.

iv fired 350 rounds now. most of which are load developing and shooting targets.
iv taken a few rabbits at about 350 yards with the 80 amax, iv mostly hit big bones but they open them up well! my dog can only expect half a rabbit usually.
the amax seating stem did nothing! still ring marks on the projectiles.

I have a 65gr gameking load now, something a bit tougher for close shots on small deer goats. it was developed to have about the same scope zero as the 80gr amax, its doing 3000 fps I tried a 55gr remington core loc but it didn't shoot well.

and now I have a 50gr vmax load doing about 3350 fps

I also put a egw rail on the rifle, a 20 moa one still gave me a 100 yard zero with my sightron big sky scope.

so far its become a fairly versatile rifle with bullet weights from 50-80gr.


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