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The holy grail of 22-250 hand loads.

28 Jul 2013
@ 05:01 am (GMT)

Ian Dingo

G'day hope you are all happy and well.

I have recently purchased a Tikka lite in 22-250. This rifle has a 22" barrel with a 1:14 twist.


I have been using two factory loads:

1/ Hornady Superformance which utilities the 50gn V-max projectile.

2/ Federal Premium with a 55gn Nosler ballistic tip.

Love the rounds, especially the V-max, however, @ AU$32:00 for a box of 20 (for both Federal and Hornady) it is for me expensive to run.

So I am after handload recipes for this rifle rifle/calibre combo.

ATM the powders I have include:
Win 748
ADI 2205
ADI 2207
ADI 2209
(happy to try different powders)

Target species: Everything from Rabbits to Goats out to 300yds but most inside 250yds.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Cheers, Ian


28 Jul 2013
@ 07:49 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: The holy grail of 22-250 hand loads.
Hi Ian, the most suitable powder you have there is W748 but I would prefer you did not use it due to Oz temperatures fluctuating so widely. Hornady use to use ball powder but changed to ADI powder many years ago.

If possible, please pick up a tin of 2208 (varget). This will fill your needs. Use the ADI manual for loads (or Nick Harvey). Up to you how far you to push it but sweet spots can often be found below book max (e.g 36-37 grains 2208 with 50gr bullet).

Have fun.
31 Jul 2013
@ 09:38 am (GMT)

Ian Dingo

Re: The holy grail of 22-250 hand loads.
Nathan thanks for the reply, I'll get some 2208 and try and have some fun but playing with guns is such a chore ....
13 Dec 2013
@ 02:32 am (GMT)


Re: The holy grail of 22-250 hand loads.
Hi Ian,
I have a cupboard full of powders and found that 36.8gr of Reloader 15, Lapua brass, Hornady SP with caniulure and CCI BR2 primers got astounding fps and 5/8" groups on an untouched out of the box Tikka T3 lite same as yours.

The two secrets to this load are FL resized brass and K&M neck expanded necks. Now I know I could get more accurate rounds (maybe) if I just neck sized but I'm getting 5/8" out of the box with heavy crosshairs, so that'll do. The FL resized brass plays with the expansion curve to give an excellent fps without excessive pressure signs. The neck expander is used to reduce neck tension issues and thereby reduce ES. The recoil of the 22-250 is not so great to play havoc with the seating depth of the rounds in the mag.

Some will agree and some won't with what I'm doing but it sure works for me!


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