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Re: .270 Win Concentricity, simplicity lesson learned...

08 Dec 2018
@ 09:32 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Robert, just a quick note, I have changed the heading of this thread slightly so that other .270 users can browse the SST / chamber info.

For other readers (Tikka shooters):

Example of Tikka chamber / 150gr SST / Max OAL sometimes around 86.2mm
or 3.393". This should be considered somewhat short.

Magazine length 85.7mm (3.374").

Seat to 85.2mm (3.354') and see how ammo feeds. Seat shorter if need be.

Work up loads very carefully, no assumptions. H4350 / 2209 / N160 still best, especially for this reduced volume. Hope for high (cartridge book) speeds (possible in some of these rifles) but if the rifle is slow (also taking 22" barrel into account), so be it.


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