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Hornady Stops 7mm Amax Production

17 Jul 2013
@ 11:04 am (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Hornady has temporarily stopped production of some 150 bullets and ammo to increase the demand for the more popular bullets and ammo. Unfortunately for those of us who love the 7mm A-max, we are out of luck. So use your supply sparingly. I have 175 bullets for the 7 mag and about the same for my 243 and should have no problems getting thru this falls hunting season. The slogan "one shot one kill" has never been so true. Hornady says they are about 2 years behind in orders. We may have to find a new long range bullet for the 7 mag. Any suggestions Nathan?? Is the Matrix as accurate as the Amax?


17 Jul 2013
@ 05:15 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hornady Stops 7mm Amax Production
You know what Jim, I am finding the Matrix to be even easier to work with than the A-Max. Yep, that good.

Copper sheet supply is a problem at the moment with all players. Matrix should be up and running with supply within the next week I think.
18 Jul 2013
@ 10:59 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: Hornady Stops 7mm Amax Production
Thanks. That's good news. I think you stated in a previous post that the 7 mag was running 2900 to 3000 fps. That's pretty fast for such a heavy bullet.
30 Jul 2013
@ 10:36 pm (GMT)

joshua sutcliffe

Re: Hornady Stops 7mm Amax Production
Hi guys,

Just though id share these projectiles as a possible alternatives.

99.9% lead core and J4 jackets (same jackets as burger)

Apparently the Meplat is slightly smaller than the matrix so potentially may need trimming to help initiate expansion?

Nice to see and Aus made bullet that could be used for long range!
31 Jul 2013
@ 04:49 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hornady Stops 7mm Amax Production
Thanks for the link, good to see.
04 Sep 2013
@ 09:12 pm (GMT)

stephan bieganek

Re: Hornady Stops 7mm Amax Production

Hornady Production Cutbacks? Viral Video Sets Record Straight.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.