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Re: 7mm amax hunting performance

29 Jun 2013
@ 04:59 am (GMT)

jason brown

hi Nathan, I just got back from another hunt, much the same distance (415)
on a good size billy goat using the amax again.
like we talked about, I aimed right on the shoulder this time, it dropped and didn't take a step.
it was quartering away.
usual small entry, 7mm size I suppose, broke the fore leg and about three ribs, through the lungs and wind pipe, and came to rest in the neck muscle. it weighed 68.5 grains, and that's after all the flesh was removed from it. which I thought was interesting, as it didn't all break into fragments, it wasn't really mushroom shape but a kind of square.
so no exit wound, but im not disappointed. it didn't take a step, just dropped, one foreleg is a bit blood shot, but that's to be expected. I wont be eating this but if I was I would be very happy. I guess most of it came down to shot placement.
the placement dropped it on the spot, but I guess its what stopped the exit too.
I just wish I had of taken more time figuring out what happened with the first goat.
I have a few pictures which I will email Nathan. maybe he will put them in the wound data base or this thread if he has time, I don't have a web hosting site to be able to post them.


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