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Re: Poor Cartridges for Long Range Hunting – The Real Gunsmith

21 Sep 2018
@ 01:44 am (GMT)

mark korte

Sorry - don't mean to hijack this thread, but I have to call this out:

"You also have to couple that with the unmanaged reintroduction of wolves into the American West that has decimated entire herds of moose, large portions of the elk herd, etc."

Lane - where I live in Montana we have the most robust elk populations that we have had in my lifetime. In many hunting districts there are bonus elk tags and extended seasons lasting up to 5 months. This is the case where I live and hunt and this alongside a robust, well managed wolf population with long seasons and unlimited wolf tags available to anyone that wants to buy up to five per person per year. Both creatures are numerous enough to cause issues with agricultural interests - thus the bonus tags and long seasons. Moose overall are headed down, but the biologists are at a loss as to precisely why. The area where I live is a bright spot for moose and they are frequently seen quite some distance out onto the prairies along riparian corridors. The one local problem factor for us seems to be parasitism by winter ticks - something Brian knows a lot about and has been discussed elsewhere in this forum. My point is that there are many things that enter into wildlife population health - disease (chronic wasting disease a major factor in some areas), parasites, predators (including you, me and the wolves) and perhaps most importantly, loss of key winter range habitat. Its a complicated and fluid system. Wolves have just become the latest poster child for "why I didn't see anything today". Its as if wolves never existed in the system before we showed up to hunt elk or moose. All that said, I'll shut up and lay my neck across the chopping block. Sorry again about hijacking the thread - back to the Creedmore!


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