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Re: 30/06 projectiles

17 Aug 2018
@ 11:52 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

following up another old thread...

i had a play with the 208 amax a while back. the mag lenght in my marlin xl7 is 85.9 so i set coal to 84.9, max coal is 86mm, powder 2209.

they shot ok, around an inch at 2200-2350fps.
from 2350-2550fps, very poor, around 2-2.5".

decided to try something different and loaded up some 168 zmax and 180 sst.
wind was blowing 30-40kmh, so i didnt expect too much.
surprise was the 58.5gr zmax load, av 2849fps, es 18fps.

also i seem to remember not using a sling when the rifle was shooting "ok" with the low velocity 208gr loads. i am using the original plastic stock, it is bedded and stabilized with matchgrade compounds, but im wondering if its still flexing enough to uspet harmonics. so this time, i shot without the sling.

i am starting to dislike the stock a bit, i think a boyds would be a huge upgrade. if you read this Martin, what was is you disliked so much about the factory stock?


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