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Precision copies?

12 Jun 2018
@ 09:11 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hello all!

I was wondering if you have ever experienced/heard of/seen any copies of rifle parts or accessories including scopes, triggers, barrels, brass, primers powders etc that are flat out copies or closely designed parts?

For example the Howa/Weatherby Vanguard actions are identical except for the stamps on them, these are also clones of the old Sako actions. The same is true for Varget and AR2208 powders

It is my understanding (and correct me if I am wrong) that CCI and Remington primers are the same except for the branding.

Are there other instances you have come across, and if confirmed I'd love to know if your perception of the "lesser" or cheaper version is/was lower than the more premium brand name one.

I'm willing to bet this is more common than we care to admit and the performance should be identical.


12 Jun 2018
@ 11:32 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Precision copies?
Hi Andrew. I have 14# (or thereabouts) of Nobel #44 rifle powder, right on the box it says "Use 3031 Data". Same with Nobel #45, says "Use 4895 Data"; Nobel #49 - "Use 4831 Data".

Probably just been re-boxed in bulk.


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