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Spin drift question

07 May 2018
@ 12:22 pm (GMT)

Daryl Taylor

Maybe a newbie question but...
I am shooting with a Remington Sendaro 7 mil mag.
According to data I have so far the spin drift at 500m is about 3cm.
Is that to the left or right?


07 May 2018
@ 05:08 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Spin drift question
hi Daryl it will drift to the right being a right hand twist barrel. BUT when you zero your rifle set it .25" left and never have to worry about spin drift again. the errors in wind reading render spin drift calculations useless.
09 May 2018
@ 06:20 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Spin drift question
Hi Daryl, please refer to Chris's answer above and take note of what he said about human error with regards to wind reading. One can easily get bogged down in theory and neglect the reality of the situation. Sure, this might be a newbie question but you might be surprised as to how many experienced shooters over analyze the subject. Please see my LR shooting book for examples and field equations.


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