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hornady 7mm 180eld m batch variation

14 Mar 2018
@ 09:15 am (GMT)

mark suckling

Hi Guys,
I have just changed over to a new box of the 180 eld m for my rem mag. I had a COL of 88.9mm with the old box lot #2170754 and just loaded some from the new box lot # 2170114 to find with the usual setting on my forster seating die they come out .3mm shorter. Then when I checked my notes I had a bullet length of 1.55 inch from the old box the new box measured 1.541inch.

Going by the Lot numbers it seems my old box was newer than the most recent box assuming lot numbers are sequential (purchased from the same place)

Has anyone else come across this variation and has it caused any issues, change in jump, accuracy?? It appears that the bullet shape must be slightly different, I may have to re check COL in the rifle for jump & re-adjust seating depth.



22 Mar 2018
@ 04:40 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: hornady 7mm 180eld m batch variation
Most rifle bullets from most brands have a variation in their overall lengths.
To seat bullets I never use the cartridge Overall Lengths because of this.

Instead refer to Nathan's Reloading book and use the Ogive measurement instead. Most brands show better cosisttency measured from the bullet base to the Ogive, making this the logical approach to seat bullets.
24 Mar 2018
@ 03:23 pm (GMT)

mark suckling

Re: hornady 7mm 180eld m batch variation
Thanks Bryan,
I hadn't noticed that much difference before between bullet batches in my limited experience. I guess as the bullets get "pointy-er" the greater potential variation near the nose Vs ogive.

I'll recheck the jump and reseat to suit.

Thanks again Bryan.



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