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8mm Remington Magnum

26 Oct 2017
@ 04:00 pm (GMT)

Dillon kennedy

Hey folks, I am new to the forum and would like to discuss the 8mm Remington Magnum. I am into long range shooting and hunting in the north east USA. White tail deer and black bear. I really want to work up some loads for white tail and some loads to rock steel as hard or fast as possible in the 800 yards plus range. I want to get some freaky numbers on the crono to show my buddies. The article below has some great research and great discussion points that have me fired up on the 8mm.

I am not sure when this article was produced but I would like to test the 175s mentioned and provide the data to the author.

Happy shooting !


27 Oct 2017
@ 02:37 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 8mm Remington Magnum
Hi Dillon, if you really want to delve into long range killing, I would ask that you first read my long range cartridges book. It is imperative that we put killing ahead of the numbers when going long. Unfortunately, it is hard to obtain the full range of 8mm projectiles at the moment including the SST. You may be stuck modifying target pills with an 1800fps cut off point which will limit your killing ranges (fine for plinking though). But even before this, you will need to experiment with mid range killing performance of altered bullets.

Not an easy road but you may be able to achieve extended range killing if you are willing to sacrifice some BC to ensure clean killing.

16 Oct 2018
@ 05:56 am (GMT)

Dillon kennedy

Re: 8mm Remington Magnum
Hello Nathan,

I hope you are well. I have finally obtained some Hornady 170 gr SST for my 8mm Magnum. I am going to start setting up COAL and reloading equipment today. Do you know what reloading manual would be most helpful for the 8mm Magnum, I am a little lost on what powders to try. I would like to choose a powder that is the most environmentally stable with the best velocity possible. I will be doing load development on the US east coast but hunting in the AZ desert. I just bought your book & ebook today.

Thank you,

Dillon Kennedy
16 Oct 2018
@ 08:39 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 8mm Remington Magnum
19 Oct 2018
@ 04:35 am (GMT)

dillon kennedy

Re: 8mm Remington Magnum

I have mocked up the 170 SST in the 8mm. With the bullet seated 0.010" off the lands the COAL is too long to feed from the magazine. However if I remove the plastic tip from SST the rounds will fit and feed from the magazine. In your book you mention trimming the meplat, you also state the SST is a fairly rugged bullet. If the accuracy at this seating depth is really good would it be alright to load these bullets with the tip removed? This is my attempt to get the best of both worlds and prevent a large jump. If this is a major issue I can seat the bullet further back to feed from the magazine and deal with the jump.

Thank you,

19 Oct 2018
@ 07:45 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 8mm Remington Magnum
Hi Dillon, its a tough call.

OK, will go over this step by step.

1. The SST will break up on impact, mostly at close ranges. It can be compared directly with the 165gr .30 cal bullet. You'll find it has good strengths but with some limitations. 50% weight loss will be the rule of thumb for general work, 100% weight loss at close ranges so watch your game weights versus shot placement. Expectations are the key here. Gradual 100% weight loss can be acceptable if we know how to work with it.

2. Try the SST with the jump / OAL I suggested. Just give it a try, see how you get on. Understand this - the type of dies you use (resulting concentricity) is more important than the bullet jump.

3. If you cut the tip off the SST and seat out, you will have very little of the bullet left in the case. This probably wont work for you. Your plan B might need to involve the 196gr match. When loading the match bullet, go with the jump, utilize the long bullet bearing surface to help with the transition from the case into the lands. If this fails, then you may want to trial loading 10 thou off the lands and if successful, have the rifle machined to accept a Wyatt box.

I think this order of steps will work for you.
03 Nov 2018
@ 01:07 pm (GMT)

Daniel Champness

Re: 8mm Remington Magnum
Greetings, I'm new to forum and find all things 8mm interesting. I shoot and load for the 8x57, 8x68s and the 8mm Rem Mag.

I use the 200gr TSX with MRP and am getting around 3070fps in the 8mm Rem Mag. I've used it in Africa and it was deadly, but distances were under 300 yds.

I think RL16, RL17, VVN 550 or any of the 4350 range of powders would work well with the 160gr TTSX or 170gr SST.

I would not worry about bullet jump. Just seat it to the std. length or cannelure. I wouldn't expect anymore than 600-700 yds before you run out of speed out of any 8mm bullet (1800fps).


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