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Leupold Target Turrets

12 Mar 2013
@ 10:21 pm (GMT)

Drew Pigott

Hello Everyone,

I have Leuplold 2010 VX-1 3-9x40 and to this date it has given me excellent service. As a recent college graduate I do not have a great deal of disposable income to invest in new optics. I have gotten into long distance shooting and wish to make the most ethical shots possible, when the time comes. To me long distance is 300-600 yards. I have an accurate .30-06 Springfield that shoots at about 1/2 MOA at 100 yards using 150 gr Hornady SSTs at an average of 3060 fps.
My question is simply if anyone here has used or had Leupold retrofit one of their scopes for the Target Turrets? If so, do you like them and are they somewhat repeatable? Is it worth getting elevation and windage? If you have a custom etched elevation turret, will it have numbers corresponding to 10 mph wind drift for the windage dial as some scopes do?
I called earlier Leupold earlier today an the rep said it would be $120 for both windage and elevation, for an extra $60 they would make a custom drop reticle for my ballistics. He said with a 260 yard zero I should have enough elevation to reach 600 yards an possibly a bit more.

Thanks for the help in advance guys!



Can't wait for the next book Nathan!


13 Mar 2013
@ 02:02 am (GMT)

Drew Pigott

Re: Leupold Target Turrets
Sorry! For the extra $60 the Leupold Custom shop would engrave a custom drop turret for my elevation turret. Not a drop reticle.


13 Mar 2013
@ 08:15 am (GMT)


Re: Leupold Target Turrets
Drew I have three scopes that I sent in for turrets over the last 6 years, the service Leopold provides seamed very good, 2 of 3 scopes I had back in a week, the other one under two weeks.(Canada)
I have not had any custom turrets engraved, not sure how I would compensate for a steep shoot, and it could get costly if changing to different loads so I have stuck with MOA.
The only complaint I would mention is the three set screws used to hold the turret on zero are tiny, easy to strip if you can find a allen key small enough to fit. I drilled and tapped the holes and installed larger set screws that have worked great!
Don't forget that chances are the Leopold scope is calibrated for inches not MOA, this small detail dam near drove me crazy till I understood how to calculate a correction factor for a drop chart.

Cheers, Aj
13 Mar 2013
@ 04:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Leupold Target Turrets
Hi Drew, thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the first book.

My little .308 wore a VX 1 4-12 retro fitted with target turrets for years. Its even pictured in the book, with sniper tape (tactical section). These days the rifle wears a 6.5-20 Sightron.

The Leupold turrets track reliably and the clicks are solid, no mistakes there. As AJ has pointed out, the turrets have two weaknesses. The grub screws strip easily, that being the hex heads, not the threads. I cross slotted mine so I could use a jewellers flat head screw driver, a quick, easy and successful fix. The second negative is not so easy to deal with. The turrets are calibrated in inches, not MOA. This means that you must convert software calculations using a second calculator, to convert from MOA to inches. I use Microsoft Excel as it is the most functional and accurate program, not just for conversions but for actually making drop charts. It is a tedious process and you don't want to go changing loads as you'll have to go through it all over again.

You can if you want to, use the turret correction factor in the Shooter Iphone app. But to be honest, I try to use Iphone apps as a back up only, referring to printed charts. Apps are two slow when tracking game shifting back and forwards 5 yards, here, 10 yards there, phone screen goes blank in the mean time, or the sun hits the screen and makes it difficult to read. I prefer to try and keep the phone for emergencies, not to be played with like a toy. People spend too much time looking at the screen, not looking out into the field, reading wind and environment. App on, brain off.

But until you get your head around Excel, a phone app may be the go. I will put all of this into an upcoming book with detailed instructions for making conversions on Excel.

This engraving business is a load of nonsense. I think Zeiss may have started the IGT (instant gratification turret). As AJ said, it is a hopelessly inaccurate system with up and down hill shots.

Up to you whether you get both turrets. I got both both but only use elevation, holding off for wind. Its handy to have the windage turret if you share the rifle with another hunter who shoots slightly left or right to you. My wife Steph is a lefty, always shoots a half minute left of me.
13 Mar 2013
@ 09:51 pm (GMT)

Drew Pigott

Re: Leupold Target Turrets
Nathan, AJ

Thanks so much for the input guys! I believe I will soon get the elevation turret installed and hold for wind. I believe I should be able to calculate my windage in inches so I can estimate my windage holds. After much practice!
I am curious though as to the correction factors that will be involved in converting from Inches to MOA. I assume that by inches y'all mean 1/4" at 100 yards per click, or hash mark in the case of the VX 1 friction turret? Sorry for the dumb question, but it's something I've always been curious about.
Any preference reguarding Target Turrets vs M1 style turrets? Strength?
I found this site earlier today . Looks like you can convert inches to MOA elevation and wind drift. I don't know how accurate it is but it looks interesting enough.

All the best,

13 Mar 2013
@ 11:35 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Leupold Target Turrets
Hi Drew. Yes, 1 click yields 1/4" rather than 1/4 MOA. The friction knobs are different again. They used to be 1" but modern scope models are 1.3" per one advertised MOA of travel.

If you can make the JBM calculator work for you, then that is great. I haven't looked at JBM for a couple of years now. Good to see they have a correction factor. Hopefully you can print off a chart similar to the sample drop chart shown in the knowledge base.

Up to you which knob you go for, thats an aesthetic thing.


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