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1st Outing with the 7mm Rem Mag

27 Aug 2017
@ 09:54 pm (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Hi everyone its taken a while and with a lot of help from Nathan I have got my 7mm Rem Mag shooting I finally got a chance to take it out and field test it on a goat shoot most of these animals are found within 50 yards with a gorge that on a nice day can have some on the slips so after weeks of terrible weather we struck a good weekend with no rain and sun shine,I didn't expect to much from it at close range but were hoping to get the opportunity for some around 200 yards the first goat i came across(RE Photo) popped up at about 6 yards it spun around and received a very high speed enema I were surprised at that range it never exited i never opened it up as when I moved it it made a noise like a plastic bag full of water so am guessing the bullet blew up inside liquefying every past the entry point, we managed to get a few more animals at various ranges finally getting to the gorge picking a few off of the slips out to 220 yards we decided to do the normal Kiwi thing and boil the billy and have a coffee so we sat hang a brew and watched a mob walk out onto a clearing across the gully I ranged it at 625 yards refered to my drop chart I had down loaded off of the Hornady site knowing it would still need some adjusting so I dialed up had a good rest and fired my shot my mate was spotting for me and said windage was perfect but about 6 inches low so I aimed a bit higher and it dropped it on the spot so all in all I am very happy with he rifle and the Hornady 162 EDL-m's.

Thanks again to Nathan and Steph for there help and to Precision platforms for there laminate stock which has made it so good to shoot.


28 Aug 2017
@ 09:49 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 1st Outing with the 7mm Rem Mag
No worries Brendon. Will get you up here for a day and get you sorted so that you are bang on first shot with a proper chart matched to the rifle and with you in a consistent form.

This has been a very long DIY project with some intervention on my part. I have taken video footage of each phase of my intervention which will eventually become a how-to video for problem solving accuracy issues.

A note to forum members. Since photobucket no longer allows free sharing, it has stuffed up a lot of the images here. At the moment, I am using Imgur. This seems to work OK, have not found any bugs with this (If anyone has had past issues, please say so). So far, I can upload a photo, click on the photo to expand it and then click the copy button on the "linked BB code" which is shown beside the photo. I can then simply hit the control and V keys to paste here, job done.


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