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New Federal Edge Long Range ammunition

25 Aug 2017
@ 01:44 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Just a word of caution, please be very wary of the new Federal Long Range ammunition. This bullet design goes against everything I teach with regards to long range killing. This research is backed up by Hornady's most recent findings.

The Federal bullet design like the Scirocco is acceptable for traditional open country work but is completely and utterly ill conceived for true long range killing. While most hunters understand that reliable expansion is a key factor in killing performance, you must understand that bullet expansion at long ranges is only one part of the equation. The term 'reliable expansion' no longer holds the same meaning once the bullet loses velocity.

For more information as to why this type of bullet design is not suitable for long range killing, please read my book- Long Range Cartridges, making sure you study the formative chapters closely. Or at the very least, read the game killing section of this website and watch my online videos. Whether you choose to buy and read my books or work your way through the free info, please do not skim read over what I have passed on. I have spent many years performing this research and would appreciate it if readers would at the very least, take the necessary time to read the information carefully and fully understand it. But do not follow what I teach blindly, put the information to use in the field. Test my statements, taking time to observe results.

Please do not be fooled by sales talk. Educate yourselves to avoid falling into these traps.

All the best, Nathan Foster.

Long Range Cartridges book:

Game killing article:


25 Aug 2017
@ 01:54 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: New Federal Edge Long Range ammunition
Link to ammunition:

Pay close attention to the 900 yard ballistics gel block. Those of you who have already read the books and put the info to use will understand just how poor the Federal gel test really is versus what a good bullet is capable of (others can view the bullet wounding in my old 1125 yard vid as a wound channel diameter comparison:


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