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Re: .204 reloading and general

05 Mar 2013
@ 05:09 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

I prefer the old fashioned simple method Jason.

Pan of water, halfway up the case.
Blow torch as per annealing video in KB
I set the vise so I can walk around it, I do one case at a time.
Apply heat to the shoulder and neck, once the case neck goes dull cherry red, I rotate the blow torch around the case so that the cherry color goes around the case neck.
Wait 5 seconds
Remove case from water with a welding glove or very gently with light poly grips on case body. lay on a towel. Case needs to cool slowly to anneal.

Either allow to dry naturally or oven dry at a very low temp. If you have annealed unprimed cases, be very careful of water trapped in the case, it can really get locked in the case. It is preferable to anneal fired cases while the dead primers are still in the case.

I then resize and decap the cases.

I have put another post in the rifles general thread.


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