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Re: 30-378 Wby Mag

08 May 2017
@ 02:16 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Hey Mike - I was just reading through a bunch of the old threads and came across yours. How did you make out? In regards to you last post, it would depend on what your hunting scenario is. If your ranges are short (less than 200m), I would go group size. If you want to reach out a ways, see what Nathan says about ES vs. ACCURACY. Most of my hunters are around an inch for five shots, but very rarely do I shoot over 100m, with most shots around 60 -70m, so a very acceptable accuracy level. With an ES of 57fps, I wouldn't go too far out. Have you tried different seating depths with the two lowest ES loads? Or even try a load that is 0.2g up or down from either? It looks like you are real close to ideal, you just need to zero in. Keep us posted.


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