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Hornady LRMAX ?

09 Feb 2013
@ 09:25 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Nathan, we may have a new long range bullet from Hornady. Rumor has it that the Davidson brothers of the TV show "Long Range Pursuit" are testing a bullet. Aaron's 10 year old son shot an elk at 1386 yds with a 7 mag. I ask him what bullet was he using and there was no reply on Facebook :-) Mike Davidson shooting a 50 cal muzzle loader, shot a 2 inch group at 950 yds! The camera showed a quick shot of a bullet with a very elongated aluminum tip. Look like someone cut the rear end off a 50 BMG bullet. Then on Thursday, a guy at our local range had some old 162 gr Amaxs with the aluminum tips. He said he bought 5 boxes a few years ago and that they were Target bullets, yet were deadly on deer. Maybe this new bullet is some sort of "hybrid"?? Your desire for a heavier 7mm Amax maybe just around the corner!!


10 Feb 2013
@ 06:19 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hornady LRMAX ?
I have seen the original A-Max bullets with Ali tips like the .50BMG. The A-Max certainly has an interesting history.

Hornady must surely have something new in the wind. The tactical ammo based on the A-Max bullet has proven immensely effective. A lot of research went into the adoption of the A-Max bullet as a tactical bullet including extensive field research (game autopsies) as opposed to ballistic gel tests etc.


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