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Front rest question.

21 Mar 2017
@ 09:48 am (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Rest Question.

Since I'm not a target shooter, my rests have always been what ever I could prop the gun up with (rolled up blanket, pack, b-pod). Was recently given a decent front rest and it is missing the front bag. What material is the best for the front bag? Should it be slippery? I have closed cell foam which can she shaped but it is not slippery.
I have heard of benchresters spraying the front bag with silicone to let the rifle recoil naturally (I assume). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


21 Mar 2017
@ 10:58 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Front rest question.
Depends on your use of the rifle. When I used to do a lot of benchrest shooting I had a piece of flat aluminum that was fastened to a rail at the end of the forstock. This provided a slippery flat piece for placing my 10 to 15 pound rifle on so it would indeed have less resistance in sliding back after firing. The front rest was a highly adjustable contraption for elevation and windage movement and weighed ten or so pounds.

These days for holding the forestock up I am just using a leg of jeans filled with kitty litter and do not worry about the above stuff at all. Under my shoulder I use fancier more compact bags but same idea, and I use the sling as well as hold the front of the stock while shooting.

For rifles with a bit of punch this works well and outstanding accuracy is feasible. in the bush while hunting I may use a shooting stick or my pack etc as nathan mentions in his books.

This is not something to overthink unless you are into benchrest competitions, but I recommend that you read what Nathan has had to say about it in both his books as well as the Knowledge base.
22 Mar 2017
@ 12:06 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Front rest question.
Shawn - have a read here.



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